Saturday, April 07, 2007

Go Figure

Earlier this week, James White blogged about his surreal experience with some KJV-only fundamentalists in Mesa, Arizona. And when I say surreal, I mean it. Reading James' entries (he has added a couple more entries about this episode including a video) could cause a person to experience a wide range of emotions such as laughter, anger, sadness, and even being flat-out sick to their stomach, all in one reading. Through all the documented stupidity however, James did make mention of something that, for me at least, really stood out. While witnessing to some Mormons, one of the KJV-only folks shouted this out to James:

Don't give that one a tract, James, he's not elect!

Now, for the Calvinists out there, doesn't this just make you want to bang your head against a wall? I mean, Calvinists get criticized for (supposedly) not believing, and not engaging in, evangelistic efforts. But when we prove them wrong by going out and doing evangelism, we get mocked for it! Go figure.


Turretinfan said...

It is amazing to see that they hate the sovereignty of God more than they hate the blasphemy of Mormonism.

A zeal without understanding is truly a dangerous thing.


pilgrim said...

Well put.

Excellent points.

Both of you.

Of course by nature we all hate the sovereignty of God, at least until that nature is changed by God.

Anonymous said...

KJV fundies are a barrel of fun. It's not that they hate Mormons or Calvinists.... they just hate that which is different from them. They aren't educated, they're propagandized; hence their anti-intellectualism. They attempt, quite in vain, to discuss ancient texts they can't even read because of this need to have all authority placed privately into their hands. They love that Byzantine text, yet they hate the Byzantines. Go figure.

A toast again.... to those KJV fundies who won't dare have it touch their lips; more for the rest of us!

Don Bradley