Tuesday, March 28, 2006

James White and Tom Ascol to debate Ergun and Emir Caner

James White announced on his blog today that he and Tom Ascol will be debating Ergun and Emir Caner. This will be a very interesting debate considering the email exchange Dr. White and Ergun Caner had recently. This exchange can be found here: http://www.aomin.org/ErgunCaner1.html

The debate will also be interesting in light of the Caner brothers' recent behavior over at the Founder's blog. Hopefully, the Caner brothers will distance themselves from their behavior of late and engage the issues in a mature and scholarly manner.


Simon said...

In reponse to your question to me on the CalvinistGafly blog, I would have to know which comments you are talking about specifically. However, let me say this right now -- I know that I have often failed to build up believers, and to treat my Brothers and Sisters in Christ with the Love that I ought to have treated them with. I am trying to change. With God's help, I am changing. This whole change was sparked by God through the words of a professor at Biola University - John Mark Reynolds. I asked him, in my frustration with what I think are clearly less than Christlike actions by Dr. James White, why someone like Reynolds or Moreland or Craig (rather than, say, Dave Hunt or Ergun Caner) wouldn't just debate White once and for all, to shut him up. Reynolds' reply to me was very breif .. and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I believe that The Holy Spirit began moving in me at that moment, and is convicting me.

Since then, I have been making a sincere effort to work towards restoring what I think are broken relationships between Calvinits and Arminians - particularly "online" and in front of our common audience: unbelievers. One way I have done this is through the development of friendships. A result of some of those friendships can be seen in a recent groupblog I helped organize -- TagTeamTheology.com

I'll continue to visit your new blog here, and I look forward to the conversation. :)

J. Matthew Cleary said...


First, let me welcome you to my new blog. I appreciate you coming by and having a look even though there is not much "conversation" taking place just yet. I would be delighted to have you visit regularly.

Now, the comments I'm refering to on your site are from the comments section of your Feb. 16 entry. I read the comments concerning James and posted in response to them.

Those comments immediatly came to mind when I read your post over at the Gadfly today. However, your post here is filled with christian virtue and humility so I will refrain from pursuing the issue further.

Now, I can't help but be exceedingly curious about what Reynolds told you...

Simon said...

Well, one thing he said is that "We need allies in the West. . . not foes who should be allies." One thing I took from the conversation is a wider perspective. When I considered how unbelievers might view our conversations (Calvinists and Arminians), I quickly saw how I have failed to reflect Christ, and I was inspired to begin succeeding.

I reread the comments of that post you mentioned. Let me say this .. I don't know if I'll post that article I mentioned about Dr. White -- I said that I would be posting one soon. I've been questioning how helpful it would be. I've got a lot on my plate right now .. in the middle of a series on "Free Will" and some content for the TagTeam blog. However, I will be posting a lot more about unity in the Body.

J. Matthew Cleary said...


I don't think it would hurt a thing for you to post the article if you only interact and critique James White's position and resist the urge to post something of a personal nature. I mean, surely you yourself believe that healthy dialogue is beneficial to the body of Christ regardless of which side of the calvinism debate you fall on. This is, afterall, the purpose of your own blog is it not?

Simon said...

You're right. That is good.

Whenever I critique something about Calvinism, I am in essence critiquing James Whites position.

The post I had in mind for White was a sort of list of examples of him wrongly dividing the body of Christ. Yesterday, in my frustration, I posted just such a list, although it was about what I was currently reading and not James. So, I got that out of my system. Maybe sometime in the future I'll do the same with White, but right now I'm taking your advice, and Elias' advice, and dwelling on other things.

Not that I'll stop thinking aloud about Sovereignty, Election, and Soteriology in general. But just that I don't want to simply dwell on the stuff that makes me sick about how people are treating other people. :)